Work Recommendations

“Tim Reeth is a great product manager and business executive. His passion for product, drive and focus, team chemistry and emphasis on user-centric design made him a valuable member of the leadership team.

From 2006-2009 Friendster underwent a turnaround, a key component of which was major updates to the product, which had fallen behind its competitors. Tim joined this process early and as the only Product Manager, made significant contributions to product quality resulting in sharp increases in activity, time on site and user satisfaction. Tim worked closely with all functional teams and succeeded in an intense, rapid release, multi-national environment. As a key leader at Friendster, Tim directly contributed to the company’s success wherein Friendster grew to the #1 social network in Asia, the #7 website in the world, and rose to 600MM page views per day.”
Kent Lindstrom – President, Friendster Inc.

“Tim was a super successful exec at Friendster, during it’s renaissance and growth in Asia up to its successful sale. Tim made a huge impact on product and UI, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”
Josh Hannah – General Partner, Matrix Partners

“After working with Tim for several years at Friendster and, I can say that he has an uncanny ability to build top-notch products with high-quality user experiences. Having a strong background in product management from both the technical and management ends, Tim knows what it takes to build world-class products that people want to use. He is also very in tune with what a business really needs to succeed. It’s always exciting to see what great things come from Tim.”
Bill Clark – Sr. Developer/Architect, Friendster Inc.

“Tim develops the most well researched and clear product specifications. He is always ready to brainstorm ideas and comes up with creative solutions. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
Jayesh Krishnan – Sr. Developer, Friendster Inc.

“Tim is a quick and creative thinker, generating fun and unique ideas. I always enjoyed power-sessions with him, developing exciting custom opportunities to reach our advertising clients objectives and goals. He is even-keeled, responsive and consistent. Tim always has positive energy and provides great morale to the team.”
Rebecca Burns – Account Executive

“There are a number of great things about working with Tim, but one stands out among the others. He is simply one of the most objective-driven individuals I’ve had the opportunity to work with. If you need something from Tim to support the work that needs to be done, it happens. No dilly-dallying, or passing the buck, it simply happens and happens quickly. There’s no price you can put on that!”
Jeff Fairbanks – Director, Business Development

“Tim’s design skills, attitude, level of engagement, and professionalism raised the bar in my team. I would work with Tim again anytime.”
Alp Tiritoglu – Director UX Design, Yahoo!

“Tim is a reliable and effective designer with a great personality that always keeps things fun and moving forward. His understanding of design, usability and technological options ensured designs were not only usable, but also feasible. This, coupled with his ability to deliver quality work under aggressive timelines, makes him a valuable addition to any team.”
Jeremy Gillick – Sr. Front-end Developer, Yahoo!

“Tim’s a talented interaction designer with sharp anyaltic skills. Highly recommended.”
Eric Bollman – Sr. Visual Designer

“Tim brings creativity and a methodical approach to user interaction design. His design’s were well received by users and contributed to the rapid growth of an emerging business. His work on the flagship product which contributed 80% of Neoforma’s revenue was also been very well received by users. Tim is respected among his peers as a solid contributor who brings a fresh prospective on the userless.”
Robert Mullenger – Senior Product Manager, Neoforma

“Tim not only has an excellent eye for design but can creatively solve complex business issues with easy-to-use applications. Tim galvanized and effectively leading the design team at Neoforma. I’ve worked with him on various projects in which he not only designed, but helped me work through my business requirements and come up with an useable solution.”
Blase Iuliano – Product Manager, Neoforma

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